Dating Is Like a Job Interview: The Thing about Dating

To date is not unlike a job interview in various ways. You want to give the other party a good impression while at the same time scoping out what’s in it for you if you do get the “job” or regular dates from the person in question. This is especially true when it comes to first dates. In many ways, Dating is a financial transaction towards establishing a roaring success of a partnership that can either end in cohabitation and marriage or at least regular companionship for years to come. First impressions last and your first date can be your last if you don’t make it the best date possible.


You won’t agree to a second date if the first date was terrible to begin with, after all. Daters are either in one camp or another in regards to taking a second date after the first date is terrible but both camps agree that when the firs date is a success, then it’s a guarantee for future dates and regular Dating. There are stubborn, adamant daters who drop their dates if there’s no deep and instant connection or chemistry established. Others believe that a date can be salvaged and one shouldn’t throw the towel until the final check arrives or until you’re already at the doorstep once the date is over. I’m Team “You Need a Few Dates to Get to Know One Another” myself.


For example, your current best friend probably wasn’t your best friend immediately. When you first met, you might not have even had a connection. You couldn’t imagine him or her to be your bestest of best friends. This is what happens when you’re two strangers trying to break the ice. The differences are what becomes the most apparent rather than the similarities between the two of you. As you both become more relaxed with each other and you let your guards down, revealing more about yourselves, that’s the true make-or-break portion of your relationship. Once you see each other without the fakeness, that’s when you decide if you’re compatible with each other or not, whether it’s as friends or as lovers.